A warehouse forklift driver sacked for failing to follow safety procedures has been awarded $29,164.57 as compensation for his unfair dismissal.

His employer, ISS Integrated Services had previously recorded workplace incidents that resulted in serious permanent injury to one of its forklift drivers. As a result, it adopted a zero tolerance approach to breach of its safety requirements.

On 25 and 26 October 2016, Andrew Cornish, the applicant employee in Cornish v ISS Integrated Services [2017] FWC 1455, failed to obtain forklift keys from a truck driver and failed to provide that truck driver with a ‘hit not’ device in exchange for the keys, in breach of the company’s procedures. The next day, he was seen using a mobile phone whilst driving the forklift.

Mr Cornish was stood down on pay whilst the matter was investigated and then summarily terminated for serious misconduct.

Despite his actions posing a serious risk to the health and safety of himself and his co-workers, the Fair Work Commission found that Mr Cornish’s actions warranted a first warning, rather than a sacking.

Mr Cornish had been employed by ISS for over six and a half years and had an otherwise unblemished safety record.

ISS was found to have lacked a valid reason for the termination and was ordered to pay the equivalent of 23.25 weeks’ pay to Mr Cornish.

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